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January 12, 2009

Recently I’ve submitted a humorous piece of flash fiction to the Editor over at Bakka online.  There’s a good chance it shall get published, and hopefully soon, so I’ll post a link to that here if and when it does.  I’d be pleased as punch to add a story to my list of published works.

Today I sent an article about achieving your goals – specifically, the fourth (and final) step in doing so – to a print magazine that’s fairly new to me: Going Bonkers.  I like their idea of being “a self help magazine with a sense of humor.”

I am about to write and submit a poem for a soon to be released commemorative poetry chapbook that is to be given to some of the sponsors of the world premiere of Brian Keene’s play Terminal (at the Paul Bunyan Playhouse in Bemidji).  I am also working on a piece to be submitted to The Talking Stick (a publication from the Jackpine Writers’ Bloc of Minnesota).  The former requires a $1 fee; but as any profits they make are to be donated to the local library, I figure I’m donating to the library system up there (yay, libraries!).

Kicking it into high gear –


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